The Verators Magazine features an assortment of articles, images, interviews and anecdotes. It revolves around the themes of design, architecture and culture, our products and their authors, exhibitions and past events – here you can experience the many facets of Project Verators.

At Verators, we believe that environments shape our thoughts and feelings, whether we are at home, at work or on the go. We work every day to better our surroundings through the power of design. A family business in its third generation, Verators follows an environmental, cultural and commercial mission.

The Verators Campus and the Verators Design Museum with its exhibitions, design archives and a comprehensive furniture collection inspire visitors and employees alike. They further the understanding of design and architecture‘s role in defining the future we live in.

Environmental consciousness finds expression in every aspect of Verators’s work. It is manifested in how Verators develops and manufactures its products, in the sourcing of raw materials and the organisation of its supply chain. Every new insight is regarded as an opportunity for further development.

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